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PRODUCTS Chinese Partner on site The demand for sensors and measurement technology is also expanding in a variety of different sectors in China. One company that has already been offering its expertise in the industrial process measurement technology sector since 2006 is Ziron Shanghai Ltd. As a partner company of the well-established German specialist – Zirox Sensoren & Elektronik GmbH – Ziron is helping Chinese customers with the procurement of measurement technology, and the supply of calibration, repair and maintenance services. The equipment and measurement systems, that have been specially developed to meet the requirements of Chinese customers, are being used in power plant technology systems, by manufacturers and operators of reflow soldering furnaces and operators of CO2 recovery systems in breweries. Ziron has also developed an economic reflow soldering device – the ECO 2000. Its core element is the proven Zirox measurement cell, although the device itself is produced in Shanghai. For more information please contact: Xianglong Zhai, phone: ++21 62 54 69 05, E-mail: New e-chain concept with dynamic pins Whether high-tech or low-tech applications, igus is constantly researching new energy chain solutions to meet the special requirements of industrial applications for flexibility, reliability and low costs. For this reason, the motion plastics specialist developed the lokchain, a new concept consisting of an e-chain with automatically extending pins and a compact guide trough for the dynamic guidance of energy chains. This allows hanging, vertical or side-mounted use of the system with or without lateral acceleration. Even long travels with a moving lower run are possible by fixing the lokchain in the upper run trough. The system can also be used in vertical circular applications. For example, the lokchain is an obvious choice for use in the compact space of rotating C-arm X-ray scanners. Practical safety solutions for industrial automation The AZM300 solenoid interlock from Schmersal is characterized by various mounting options. This interlock can be used flexibly as the new cross-shaped locking system enables a universal approach from three directions. As a result, one and the same model can be equally used for doors hinged on the left or on the right and for sliding doors as well. Apart from this, the AZM300 has a hygienic concept, which is a decisive advantage regarding the use of these components in machines for the food industry. JAI introduces high-speed 4K prism color line scan camera JAI has introduced a new 3-CMOS prism color line scan camera in its Sweep+ Series camera family. The new SW-4000T- MCL features three custom CMOS line sensors with 4K (4096 pixels) resolution, mounted on a high-grade optical prism assembly that precisely splits the incoming light into red, green, and blue wavebands. The new camera provides 24-bit non-interpolated RGB output at up to 67.7 kHz (67,700 lines per second). To support its high-speed operation, the SW-4000T-MCL features three custom CMOS imagers with 7.5-micron square pixels, offering high responsivity for the short exposure times needed at maximum line rates. 42 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

Wind power brakes for pitch and yaw drives Wind power plants around the globe are equipped with electromagnetic brakes by mayr power transmission. As the leading international manufacturer for wind power brakes, the renowned family-run company from the Allgäu region provides the ROBA-stop-M brakes as safety brakes especially developed and tested for yaw and pitch drives. “All brake components are reliably dimensioned and produced only from high-quality, tested and proven materials”, explains Andreas Merz, Product Manager at mayr power transmission. “Our brakes have been dimensioned to reliably achieve the specified braking torque under all operating conditions which might occur, regardless of e.g. the air humidity or the ambient temperature, depending on the region.” Precise picking and feeding in warehouse logistics For the first time, Weidmüller presents its Pick-to- Light and Put-to-Light solutions for picking and assembly tasks in industry and intralogistics. Robust and EMC-resilient electronic compartment displays (DPD) are installed above the individual PSIRT website helps achieve a high level of security Phoenix Contact is one of the first companies to have established an international Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). On the website customers, scientists, authorities, and all those involved in the field of access security can report potential security vulnerabilities. Acknowledgment of receipt will be provided within two working days. Following extensive testing and the provision of patches, details of the security vulnerability will be published on the PSIRT website. The PSIRT website lists all security vulnerabilities that have been identified thus far for Phoenix Contact products and the website is continuously updated. storage locations in the pick and put areas, and are connected with the production information system of the plant via a junction box and the integrated u-remote remote I/O system. When the compartment displays light up, the picker is guided through a sequence of steps requiring confirmation within a precisely defined work process. This avoids errors and raises productivity by more than 50 %. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 43