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ackground: fotolia Mitsubishi Electric’s new safety PLC conforming to top most standards Across industry sectors, many production applications demand critical systems to be operational in case of a failure to the primary CPU unit. Catering to this demand, Mitsubishi Electric’s modular PLC series ‘Melsec iQ-R’ is now available as a fully redundant pair of controllers for high performance and extra reliability. It offers a complete duplicate PLC rack with all modules, which the primary set will switch-over to instantaneously. It also integrates various features into the PLC for monitoring safety. The programming platform, GX Works3 integrates both process and safety-control programming in one environment. This enables the execution of integrated process- and safety-control programs with a single CPU module, eliminating the time and cost associated with purchasing and installing a separate safety controller. Mitsubishi has added another layer of protection to the basic architecture of the iQ-R, which provides process integrity and dependability. It includes a SIL2-process CPU module and a separate SIL2-function module as a set, sitting alongside the power supply module. This ensures continuous operation by switching to standby operation if an error occurs in the control system. Aluminum acts like steel, with Nord’s innovative surface treatment Nord’s ‘nsdtupH’ surface treatment is an outstanding anti-corrosion treatment for gear units, smooth motors, frequency inverters and motor starters in aluminium cast housings. It’s special method makes the surface corrosion-resistant and harder; in this way, aluminium behaves like stainless steel with regard to corrosion protection. It is not a coating, but a surface treatment that creates a protective layer which is permanently bonded to the substrate material. Any damages that occur remain locally restricted and do not propagate. The surface is easy to clean and largely resistant to acids and alkalis. The ‘nsdtupH’ drive units are a robust and durable alternative to painted geared motors or stainless steel versions. Nord drives with nsdtupH comply with FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300 and for this reason are suitable for food application. The nsdtupH surface treatment is advantageous for all drives used under extreme environmental conditions and for hygienically critical applications including the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals industry. R+W is expanding its servo disc pack couplings offering by adding the SCL range PRODUCTS Servo drives are used for high precision and dynamic motion, especially in automation equipment, packaging machinery and industrial robotics. Shaft couplings for these applications must be correspondingly inertia-reduced, must provide misalignment compensation, and operate with a high degree of precision. The company, R+W has decades of experience in this area with its precision bellows couplings, and will now be expanding its offering by adding its new SCL range; consisting of a zero-backlash disc pack coupling with light weight aluminum clamping hubs – designed for lower torques. The servo disc pack coupling is suitable for dynamic drive tasks involving frequent stop-start and reversing operations, where the focus is on absolute positioning accuracy. Their hubs are made of aluminum, thus have low weight and low moment of inertia. The disc packs themselves are made of high-strength stainless steel and feature a high degree of power density. No micromovements are generated in the discpack connection, which translates to higher torsional stiffness. The shaft-hub connection is only available in a friction-locked format with a clamping hub, split clamping hub or conical clamping hub. 26 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

Ebm-papst expands with another facility in China Servo convertors equipped with module systems deliver high performance The drive and automation specialist Baumüller is introducing new axis units for its module system b-maXX 5000. The new units are suitable for a performance range with a peak performance of up to 240 kW. The entire range of b-maXX 5000 devices cover a nominal power range of 1 to 100 kW and thus prove to be a suitable solution for various applications in machine and plant construction. The converter series b-maXX 5000 includes feed-in and regenerative units as well as drive units, which can be quickly and easily combined by an integrated drive connect system. For the machine builder and operator this means less installation effort and short start-up and service times. The controllers are available in the air, water and cold plate cooling types and score with minimal assembly space thanks to high performance density. With plug-in modules the devices can be equipped with safety functions according to IEC 61800-5-2. The machine builder can choose from 4 different modules to adapt the safety functions to his specific application. The plug-in modules enable a fast and flexible reaction to new requirements. With a ground-breaking ceremony, ebm-papst, global player in the fans and motors segment, started the construction of its new plant in Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi province in China. From summer 2019, fan solutions for the Asian market will be manufactured here in the 27,000 sq. meters facility. A new manufacturing facility in China speaks volumes about the rising demand in the Asian market. With this new facility, the company is inching towards achieving its internationalization strategy and targeting emerging markets like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand apart from China. The decision for the new location near the city of Xi’an, with its 12 million inhabitants, is reinforced by the high availability of qualified specialists and excellent transport and logistical connections. The company is being represented in China since 1996 and currently employs around 1,800 staff at the Chinese sites. The headquarters, along with a development center, is located in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai, and a production plant in Nanhui, Shanghai and two more locations are in Hong Kong and Qingdao. The total investment sum of the new building is estimated at around € 30 million. More power ! © GÜDEL ROBA ® -guidestop rail brakes – more braking force – more holding force – more safety your reliable partner Mayr_Englisch.indd 1 31.07.2018 11:37:49 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 27