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02 Weasel is the AGV

02 Weasel is the AGV system used for the flexible in-house transport of goods such as containers, boxes, and rack goods 03 Externally it can hardly be distinguished from the well-known attachment: the 2T160B fork positioner with electronic drive and patented control system LOGISTICS today’s warehouses and production facilities worldwide. New methods of navigation and increasingly sophisticated sensor technology ensure efficiency and process automation in production and warehouse logistics worldwide. What benefit do they offer to users? What technical innovations and enhancements are there? All these questions will be answered by the research experts and manufacturers in Moscow at CeMAT Russia. Product categories at Moscow’s event At CeMAT Russia, you can find the latest trends and technologies that provide solutions for faster loading and unloading, improved ergonomic performance and the future of hoisting and material handling. The Move & Lift section of the trade fair has on display industrial trucks, forklifts and its accessories, vertical lifting equipment and platforms, scissor lifts, escalators, cranes, hoists, mechanical handling equipment, monorails, remotely operated transportation systems, shelf storage & retrieval equipment, power and drive technology components, hydraulics, pneumatics and conveyor systems, complete supply chain management solutions, complete robotic handling systems and port related logistics equipment. Businesses today need solutions for handling growing quantities of goods. The Store & Load section of the trade fair features automated systems designed to increase productivity, and reach maximum capacity. Visitors can find automated guided vehicles, conveyor systems that require extremely low drive energy, apps for storage planning, storage shelf systems, factory and workshop equipments, pallets, bins and containers, industrial doors & gates, cleaning facilities for warehouses, loading bridges and ramps, transfer bridges, loading systems for bulk goods and containers, and complete logistics service packages. Logistics sector like any other, is adapting to the emerging market realities. The Manage & Service section of the trade fair will give you an excellent overview of all the logistics services now available for managing today’s challenges. This includes transport financing models, logistics planning, traffic control systems, integrated traffic systems, real estate & sites for logistics operations. Logistics IT is the technology zone dedicated to professional logistics software and systems. The focus here is on innovative IT solutions for production logistics, commercial logistics, cloud computing and mobile logistics applications in the warehouse. This section of CeMAT at Russia features e-logistics services, intralogistics systems & software, computer & control systems, control technology & sensors, identification technology, Auto ID/RFID etc. The way, in which today’s organizations are concentrating their production and logistics networks, it is creating a larger impact on the evolution of order-picking and packaging technology. At CeMAT Russia, the Pick & Pack exhibition area focuses on latest packaging technology for warehouses, packaging and order picking systems, labelling and identification systems, measuring and dispensing units, and various kinds of packaging materials. Photographs: Lead Photo Fotolia, processing VFV Layout, 01 Vanderlande, 02 SSI Schaefer, 03 Kaup 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

Dematic creates Robotics Center of excellence Dematic, a leading global supplier of integrated automated technology, software and services to optimize the supply chain, today announces the formation of the Robotics Center of Excellence business unit, dedicated to the development and engineering of robotic automation. The new business unit is responsible for the application and implementation of robotic solutions that make order fulfillment operations more efficient, productive and responsive to today’s on-demand omni-channel distribution environment. Toyota launches the new Traigo80 heavy-duty electric forklift The heavy-duty 80-Volt counterbalanced truck is a true all-rounder. The new Traigo80 range replaces the current Traigo HT range and consists of 6, 7, and 8-tonnes models, of which the latter is now also available with 900 mm load centre. The powerful motors offer strong climbing ability and high travel speed, making the forklift suitable for demanding applications normally reserved for engine-powered forklifts. The truck can also manoeuvre in compact spaces where necessary thanks to the sharp rear steering angle. The well laid-out dashboard allows the driver to work intuitively and experience low vibrations and noise thanks to the full floating driver’s compartment. The Dematic Robotics Center of Excellence provides a wide variety of automated solutions built around process improvements, robotic technology, vision and software. These solutions are applied in all functional areas of the warehouse from receiving to shipping. Typical solutions include de-layering, de-palletizing, bin replenishment, goods-to-robot piece picking, kitting, crossbelt and pouch sorter induct, palletizing and trailer loading. Solutions are designed to handle pieces, cases, totes, layers and pallets. BLG.indd 1 20.08.2018 10:32:47 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 17