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CeMAT Russia: showcasing

CeMAT Russia: showcasing Russia’s potential in the transportation and logistics sector Russia’s transport and logistics sector is a lucrative prospect for foreign companies. The international trade fair CeMAT being held in Moscow, offers countless opportunities across the length and breadth of the country. Visitors and exhibiting companies should take advantage of this event to expand into the Russian and neighboring market. With a surface area larger than that of Pluto, Russia is truly vast. The world’s largest country’s geographic constraints make it absolutely essential to have an extensive transport and logistics network. In order to service its 145 million citizens with goods and services, the air, sea, road and rail logistics are in high demand. Moving goods into and around Russia is a herculean task. This requires a strong logistics sector – including functional transport links and well equipped logistics hubs. Russia’s transport strategy 2030, laid down by the ministry of transport back in 2012, specifies the growing need for development in the logistics and warehousing sector around the country. With the efforts put in by the Russian government it looks like the country is on course towards expanding the availability of world-class logistical hubs and integration of modern technology into the logistics sector. Since the beginning of April, 2016, that transport & logistics markets in Russia are on the rise after a difficult 2014 and 2015, Western sanctions and the oil crisis had played havoc on Russia’s transport firms but now things are starting to look positive again. Since 2016, millions of Euros have been spent and assigned for construction of new and strategic facilities. With number of logistics hubs increasing throughout Russia, the demand for related technologies such as picking and fulfillment, cargo tracking, and other sector-specific equipment, machinery, and tech is also on the rise. With all the big logistic projects in the pipeline and overall growth prospects in mind, CeMAT Russia, country’s leading international trade show for logistics and supply chain becomes a ‘must go’ event for all the industry stake holders. This 3 day event is an ideal business-to-business platform to meet and engage with the who’s who of Russian logistics industry, right from international logistics experts to industry professionals and highly qualified decision-makers of small as well as large corporations. For machinery manufacturers and exhibitors, CeMAT Russia provides a unique opportunity to create new networks, cultivate new relationships with potential customers and also to catch up with the latest developments and requirements of existing customers. CeMAT Russia welcomes industry players of all sorts, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations and market leaders from Russia and from Europe and elsewhere. Whether it is about offering sus- CeMAT Russia 2018 LOGISTICS The 9th edition of CeMAT Russia – the international exhibition for materials handling, warehousing equipment and logistics is set be held from 19th to 21st September 2018 at Moscow’s Crocus Expo. Author: Sushen Doshi, International correspondent for World of Industries 14 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

tainable solutions in order picking and packaging technology, functional safety in material handling, performance enhancing automation systems or project management, CeMAT Russia has on showcase all the latest technologies and services in all areas of end user-oriented applications. The event is organized by two of the world’s exhibition industry leaders – Deutsche Messe RUS from Germany and ITE Group of Russia. The exhibitions and conferences organized by the ITE Group in Russia are supported by various industry associations and the government of Russia. Combining Deutsche Messe RUS and ITE’s local market and industry knowledge along with international experience enables the organizers to host a business event which corresponds to global standards. With all the big logistic projects in the pipeline and overall growth prospects in mind, CeMAT Russia provides exhibitors and visitors a platform to network, showcase their latest products on the market, and expand their services throughout Russia. This is the place to be to take the pulse of Moscow’s, and Russia’s, logistics sector. Like every year, the show in Moscow will feature a business forum which will involve presentations and discussions on various important issues and trends that are coming up in the industry. The forum “Efficient management of company intralogistics” is the main business event of the logistics community. Over the years, the forum has turned into an efficient communication business-platform for discussion of recent advances, exchange of ideas and exposure to the best practice in the field of intralogistics and creating of warehouses of future. In 2017, the forum discussions included: n Key trends in logistics and intralogistics 2017-2018: uber, Big data, drones, IoT, cloud technologies, n Session on successful development of logistics strategy of leading companies n Workshop focusing on increasing the efficiency of warehouse operations without heavy investments n A case-study session on successful utilization of information and digital technologies, video analytics and warehouse management system at warehouses n A round table conference of supply chain professionals, logistics operators n A discussion on warehouse automation, digitalization and integration Future of intralogistics Just like production and manufacturing, the future of transportation and warehouse logistics is digital and networked. Automated guided vehicles and systems are quickly becoming a key part of 01 The scalable solutions for the e-commerce sector include shuttle systems WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 6/2018 15