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Flexibility in every

Flexibility in every aspect LOGISTICS SSI Schaefer continues to expand its comprehensive shuttle portfolio for small load carriers with the innovative SSI Flexi Shuttle. Powered by supercapacitors, the single-level shuttle system can handle a variety of stored goods with a storage capacity of up to 50 kg, thanks to the adjustable-width load handling device (LHD). The unique feature of this system is the dynamically adaptable storage location sizes according to the dimensions of the stored goods. This feature is possible thanks to flexible positioning in the racking system. The single-level shuttle is designed for use in highly dynamic automated miniload systems with a wide variety of stored goods. It combines the technology of the SSI Schaefer shuttle portfolio with the broad industry know-how of SSI Schaefer’s intralogistics experts and stands out due to its high level of flexibility over the entire product life cycle. Intelligent functional variety, variable storage location sizes, and maximum modularity With the SSI Flexi Shuttle, SSI Schaefer is offering a modular concept, which combines shuttles, lifts, and a racking system. It allows the creation of bespoke systems with excellent use of space. The system is suitable for single-, double-, and multiple-deep storage with variable height and width partitions up to an aisle length of 150 m and a height of up to 30 m. Having a comprehensive system that can efficiently store a broad spectrum of loading units and dimensions in a space-optimized manner is a significant advantage. The ability to handle a range of loading units with dimensions of up to 860 × 680 mm (L × W) is guaranteed by a universal load handling device, which is adjustable in width. Within one racking system it is possible to efficiently and safely store a mixture of cubic and conical bins, cartons and trays weighing up to 50 kg. As well as having highperformance lifts installed at the ends of the aisles this solution also allows any number of integrated lifts in accordance with the patented 3D-Matrix Solution concept to be installed in any position throughout the storage aisles. It is therefore possible to combine highly dynamic solutions with automated storage, buffering, and sequencing in just one system. “In combination with this and in comparison to conventional concepts, the SSI Flexi Shuttle does not rely on fixed-allocation x-storage positions in the racking system. Our solution is instead completely independent of the hardware installed and utilizes an open and millimeter-precise positioning concept with optimized compartment occupancy. Paired with intelligent IT strategies, the rack design allows size-independent, fully automatic, space-optimized storage, and therefore offers operators previously undreamtof possibilities”, says Peter Berlik, technical CEO at SSI Schaefer. This kind of space-optimized rack compartment occupancy with maximum storage density can even be achieved with a high diversity of loading units and a broad spectrum of transport dimensions. Additional units and dimensions can be integrated or eliminated as required, without disrupting system operation. 36 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

The SSI Flexi Shuttle impresses with maximum dynamic performance at travel speeds of up to 4 m/s, and can also be used in deepfreeze conditions. The system ensures the highest level of efficiency in all sectors, especially for customers with a wide variety of items, high performance demands, short delivery times, and small delivered quantities and units. It is therefore ideally suited for use in e-commerce too. Powerful components for Industry 4.0 applications The new, fully automated, high-performance shuttle plays an important part not only in sustainably increasing energy efficiency, but also in optimizing costs throughout the entire logistics chain when analyzing the total cost of ownership (TCO). The integration of supercapacitors as an energy source guarantees maximum performance density at the highest levels of technical performance. They also function as temporary energy-storage units whilst energy is recovered during braking processes. In comparison to conventional energy supply concepts, the use of this technology reduces the number of wearing parts in the solution. This increases the service life of the system and reduces the TCO. The integrated energy storage feature of the shuttles also guarantees user-friendly operation when entering the aisles and easy access for maintenance personnel. The software of the network components must also meet stringent requirements for use in industry environments. High and reliable system availability is essential, especially when a large number of shuttles with autonomous energy supply are in operation. For this reason, the SSI Flexi Shuttle ensures wireless, secure and powerful communication using Siemens Industrial Wireless LAN (IWLAN). This provides a high degree of reliability and security, even in complex logistics solutions. Service and maintenance tasks can also be made significantly easier with the integration of our proprietary logistics software Wamas and the logistics cockpit Wamas Lighthouse. Wamas Lighthouse ensures transparent processes as well as permanent availability of the system data by combining classical visualization tasks with the display of logistics metrics. This enables predictive maintenance of the system without defined intervals and unnecessary downtime, resulting in reduced maintenance costs over the entire product life cycle. Future-proof system “The new SSI Flexi Shuttle will be an important addition to our shuttle family in 2018, helping to increase the market coverage of our fully automated storage systems”, explains Peter Berlik. Whether single-level or multi-level solutions for the handling of pallets, trays, cartons, or bins, the scope of SSI Schaefer shuttle systems is comprehensive and fits perfectly into almost any modern warehouse. Thanks to an extensive shuttle portfolio, the intralogistics experts can create an optimized storage solution with fast materials transport and short access times. Photagraph: SSI Schaefer Time-less E4.1L: Moving energy made even easier ... Fast harnessing and time-less design. Reduce assembly and harnessing time by 80 %* The E4.1L e-chainsystem ® can be harnessed faster than any other. New separators and strain relief elements enable lightning-fast assembly and strain relief of complex, multi-level cable fillings. Visit us: IMTS 2018, Chicago – Booth 134521 plastics for longer life ® *measured in the igus ® harnessing factory Tel. +49 2203 9649-800 The terms "igus, e-chainsystem, plastics for longer life" are legally protected trademarks in the Federal Republic of Germany and, where applicable, in some foreign countries. igus-en-Messe.indd 1 26.07.2018 13:47:32 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 37