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We produce fluid power

We produce fluid power solutions Ready Ready for for installation. installation. Integrated functions. Easy Easy assembly. assembly. Cost Cost saving. saving. Visit us @ IMTS 2018 in Chicago Sept 10 -15, 2018 HIT ® Hybrid Integrated Tank! We create the tank system for the FUTURE! ARGO-HYTOS GmbH · Industriestraße 9 · 76703 Kraichtal-Menzingen · Germany · ·

EDITORIAL The next stage of Industry 4.0 Dear readers, The digital networking of industry, energy, and logistics is gathering momentum. Boundaries between industries are being blurred, productivity is rising, and new business models are emerging. In April, visitors to the Hanover trade fair 2018 could experience how the next stage of Industry 4.0 will be integrated. The fair illustrated how the digitalization of production, interconnected energy systems, and intelligent logistic solutions will radically change the way in which we work, run our economies, and live. Robots that adjust to their human counterparts, AR glasses that provide the person wearing them with information, and learning machines that optimize themselves. “The factory of the future will be able to think, while humans will take center stage,” explained Dr. Jochen Köckler, the head of the Hanover trade fair, after the event. The main focus was the integration of artificial intelligence in factories and the advantages this provides employees and the production process. The trade fair has once again sent a clear message not only highlighting Germany as a location but also for its global developments in the mechanical engineering and intralogistic sectors. Humans and machines are thus the pillars of future factories, although they only achieve their true potential when combined. Only combining automation technology, platforms, and machine learning techniques will elevate Industry 4.0 to the next stage. We are living in exciting times, where automation specialists must prove their software skills and standard IT companies will discover new business sectors by working with industry. Companies therefore need to change the way they think. They must be setup differently, enter new partnerships, and develop new business models based on digitalization technologies. New markets will thus be developed and quickly conquered. You will be able to discover the next stage of the digitalization process at the Hanover trade fair USA which will be held in Chicago from September 10 to 15, 2018. Our editorial staff will ensure that you are always kept up-to-date on matters regarding digitalization – in the printed issue, E-paper or on our website HIGH PRECISION LASER SCANNER for profile and gap measurement Compact design with integral controller For high speed, high precision measurements Comprehensive software included Easy set up using predefined measurement programs Choice of interfaces for direct connection to PLC Blue laser scanner for red-hot glowing and organic objects We hope you enjoy reading this issue. Dirk Schaar, Editorial Director Phone +49 8542 1680