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Modular and simply

Modular and simply safety door protection A revised design, new and expanded functions, as well as a modular layout – the new MGB2 Modular is more than simply safety door protection. Thanks to its modular design, you can flexibly adapt the MGB2 Modular to suit your requirements for the safety door. Two sub-modules allow you to integrate up to six different controls into the locking module. Replacement during operation is possible at any time, as the MGB2 Modular is hot pluggable. If space is limited, you can simply mount the compact bus module MBM with Profinet/Profisafe separately in a suitable place. Up to six MGB2 Modular locking modules can be connected to one bus module (MBM) with such remote mounting. Simulation software for the process industries Siemens has been presenting the latest release of its Simit simulation software, part of the Digital Enterprise portfolio for the process industries. Version 10 of the software enables the flexible addition of functionalities such as new libraries, the Component Type Editor and Virtual Controllers. Used in combination with the new license structure, V10 offers improved software scalability tailored to any individual project size. Another new feature is the dongle concept, which enables the number of dongles required to be significantly reduced in future depending on the specific application. Alongside this fundamentally new licensing concept, Simit V10 users also benefit from a number of functional upgrades. These include support for the S7 Redundancy Protocol in the Virtual Controller for the Simatic S7-400 as well as new components within the ChemBasic library for process simulation. PRODUCTS Gripping system kit for robot arms Schunk offers a comprehensive range of standardized components for the 6-axis lightweight UR robots, which comprises both fields of application, gripping and changing as well as measuring forces and torques. Specially coordinated interfaces and adapters make sure that all modules of the modular system are combinable with the UR robot arms and can be quickly exchanged. It will now be as easy to commission the peripheries as it is to program the robot. Instead of planning and implementing the electric or pneumatic actuation and the sensor connections individually each time at great expense, the interfaces of the grippers, quick-change modules, and sensors are adjusted to another within the modular system. Neither mounting kits nor external valves are required for this. Furthermore, special plugins will facilitate commissioning in the future, meaning particularly newcomers will be able to benefit from a fast and uncomplicated entry into process automation. Safety PLC: protection for critical control systems The modular PLC series Melsec iQ-R is now available as a fully redundant pair of controllers for high performance and extra reliability. To help reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), the system also integrates various features into the PLC for monitoring and managing safety. In recent years, compliance with international safety standards has become an essential requirement across global markets. In addition, quick recovery from controlsystem breakdowns has emerged as a common necessity. Many key production applications require full redundancy conforming to the IEC 61508 SIL 2 standard, so critical systems can still operate in case of a failure or accidental damage to the primary CPU unit. The Melsec iQ-R redundant pair of PLCs comply with the functionality requirement of this standard, which is certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet global needs. The guidelines within the redundancy standard necessitate a full duplicate PLC rack with all modules, which the primary set will switchover to instantaneously. 24 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

Power supply from sensors to the cloud The pluggable Pro Com communication module by Weidmüller offers full communication capabilities from the field level to the cloud for the first time. Pro Com can be plugged onto the PROtop power supply to acquire product and condition data. This data can then be transmitted to a superordinate controller and finally be evaluated in a cloud. The Streamlines thermal inspection process Flir Systems has launched Flir InSite, a new mobile application and web portal for organizing client information and thermal inspection data in one location that is easy to access, manage, and share. Flir InSite application helps users effectively plan and prepare for their work before beginning the day’s inspection. Working seamlessly with evaluation results can be made available to all relevant network participants. This enables system operators to implement new services for optimisation and diagnostics within their production processes for the first time. Simply put: It generates added value from machine data. With this system, Weidmüller provides the foundation for fully networked production facilities. Weidmüller already offers future-oriented Industry 4.0 solutions that combine automation and digitalization. FLIR thermal imaging cameras and tools, the app collects all the images and data needed for an inspection report, while also reducing administrative workload. For reporting, the application provides real-time updates and delivers images, inspection data, and reports through a secure and private client portal. Additionally, it helps with planning optimal inspection routes and connectivity with thermal imaging cameras and Meterlink-capable meters to immediately associate photos and data with the asset being inspected. The InSite app is available as a free download through the Apple Store and on the Flir website. background: fotolia Your Global Automation Partner Industry 4.0 Data and Communication Solutions End-to-end HF/UHF RFID solutions for data acquisition, pre-processing, identification, tracking and serialization Intelligent sensor and connectivity solutions with IO-Link communication for maximum flexibility Rugged IP67 I/O-systems with decentralized intelligence and multiprotocol Ethernet communication for easy IT integration