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02 Representation of the

02 Representation of the PLCnext Technology system architecture with ESM (Execution and Synchronization Manager) and GDS (Global Data Space) controller via certificates and vice versa. The system thus detects manipulations in the engineering information and the firmware and then prohibits the execution of any corrupted software. In addition, “Secure Boot” is a key tool in detecting manipulations of the device firmware during the boot phase and prohibiting its execution if affected. PLCnext Technology also consistently applies the Linux user and group management application in order that users and integrators can share or block specific areas for specific user roles. at the outset. However, once the users come to terms with the principle and become familiar with the system, they can benefit from its unlimited possibilities in the age of Industrie 4.0. Photographs: Phoenix Contact Download new functions from the AppStore AUTOMATION The commercial infrastructure surrounding PLCnext Technology is proving to be exciting because, with the PLCnext AppStore, new business models are being created for integrators, end users, and even for third-party suppliers who want to market their components based on PLCnext Technology. Via the PLCnext AppStore, functions and even complete applications can be purchased, licensed, and downloaded to the controller. Furthermore, system updates and others will also be made available via this channel, which makes downloading them just as easy for end users as when acquiring and installing an app for their cellphones. PLCnext Technology thus departs from the patterns of thinking of programmers, users and manufacturers established over decades. Whereas in the past, users may have been bound to a particular company through a highly delimited system, an in-house runtime environment and many proprietary features, PLCnext Technology is a solution that users can extend and customize to suit their individual needs. It is therefore unimportant whether the manufacturer provides additional functions and integrates these into its runtime environment. With PLCnext Technology, the users can do this themselves – on one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. This new level of freedom is surely unfamiliar The Platform for limitless automation PLCnext Control combines the reliability and security of the classic PLC world with the openness and flexibility of smart devices. The controller makes it possible to implement automation projects without the limits of proprietary systems. n PLC-typical real time performance and data consistency, also for high-level languages and model-based code n Limitless adaption capability through quick, simple integration of open-source software, apps, and future technologies n Intelligent networking through direct cloud connection and integration of current and future communication standards n Quick application development: Several developers work independently in different programming languages 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

NEXT STOP: CHICAGO First Hannover Messe USA – a fireworks of innovations Mike Lackey, Global VP of Solution Management LoB Manufacturing, SAPTechnology ILT WE ARE GOING TO VISIT HANNOVER MESSE IN CHICAGO AS WELL, TO PRESENT OUR INNOVATIONS IN THE FIELD OF MANUFACTURING, THE DIGITAL TWIN AND OUR INDUSTRY 4.0 SOLUTIONS” Daymon Thompson, Automation Specialist - North America, Beckhoff AS AN EXHIBITOR, MACHINE BUILDERS CAN FIND NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIONS IN DRIVE SOLUTIONS AND HMI SOLUTIONS AT OUR BOOTH IN HANNOVER MESSE CHICAGO” Shannon Bison, Senior Field and Channel Marketing Manager, rethink robotics WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD TO EXHIBIT AT THE TRADE FAIR IN USA BECAUSE IT BRINGS TOGETHER ALL THE FOLKS IN THE AUTOMATION AND MANUFACTURING SECTOR” Arnold Gillner, Department Manager; Ablation and Joining, Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT FOR THE AMERICAN MARKET, WHERE 3D PRINTING AND ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING HAS GAINED MOMENTUM, WE ARE EAGER TO PRESENT OUR TECHNOLOGIES RELEVANT TO THESE SECTORS” Georg Kube, Global Vice President, Industrial Machinery & Components, SAP HANNOVER MESSE IN GERMANY IS AN EXCELLENT VEHICLE TO SHOWCASE OUR SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS AND LATEST DEVELOPMENTS TO OUR CUSTOMERS, WE WOULD LIKE TO REPLICATE THAT AT HANNOVER MESSE USA” From 10 th to 15 th of September 2018, Deutsche Messe is staging its first-ever Hannover Messe in the United States. At this year’s Hannover Messe in Germany, our editorial team spoke to some well-known exhibitors about the new fair in Chigaco: “Why it is so important to participate?” and “What do you expect from the fair?” – Take a look at what they had to say in our videostatements via the respective link. Images: Nicole Steinicke, World of Industries WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 5/2018 17