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10 years of World of

10 years of World of Industries – 8 great projects This year, we celebrate 10 years of World of Industries. Since 2009, we follow the latest trends in engineering, automation and logistics. During this decade we were able to present you some of the most spectacular projects and solutions from all around the world. These are our favorite articles from tens years of reporting from the industry. Please click or enter the links into your browser to read the job reports. It was only meant to stay there for five years. Now it has already been there more than 15 years. I travelled to London, England to learn more about the condition of the Schaeffler bearings installed in it. Even at corporate headquarters in Germany I was able to gain interesting insights into the history of the Ferris wheel which was once the largest in the world. Long-Ma, the dragon-scaled winged horse of Chinese mythology, had to come to life during the official ceremony in the Beijing Olympic Stadium in October 2014. France and China planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. With only 12 months lead time Dintec, a wellknown system integrator for electric drives and hybrid applications, accepted the challenge to power the dragon-horse. 10 TH ANNIVERSARY When ICR, the Italian perfume manufacturer from Milan set out to bring its intralogistics up to the state of the art, it was also a decision with ramifications for the future. ICR found a partner for the job of jointly developing a suitable concept with intralogistics specialist Jungheinrich. In this manner a special system solution was developed featuring industrial trucks equipped with RFID technology and oriented towards the strategic market goals of ICR. 8 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019

At the port of Callao in Peru, Beumer installed pipe conveyors with a length of around three kilometers for transporting copper, lead and zinc concentrates for completion in 2014. Dassault Aviation has performed test flights with a Falcon 7X using a Flir Systems thermal imaging camera that can differentiate between laminar flows and turbulent flows, allowing developing technologies for cleaner and quieter next-generation aircraft. The annual Robo Cup is played to determine the best football-playing robots. Several US universities developed the Darwin-OP robot in co-operation with South Korean robotic specialist Robotis and won both, the RoboCup 2012 and 2013. Europe‘s largest plant for protective gas hardening is located in Bochum- Riemke. Machine parts up to 5.2 m in diameter and 5.0 m height are engulfed in one furnace. Gears can even be treated vertically therein and thereby remain highly customized and dimensionally stable. Reason enough to send for an American gear manufacturer to send their 21 -ton gear on the long journey from the USA to Germany. Four rotary impellers, mounted one above the other on the left and right, propel the snow as far as 40 m. Up to 8,500 t of this white “cargo” can be moved efficiently each and every hour. In the Alps, four railway snow blowers, manufactured by the Swiss company Zaugg AG Eggiwil, keep the lines operated by the Rhaetian Railway clear all year round. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019 9