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02/2019 Christian Kluge 20 Gear units for Sugarloaf Mountain Dr. Michael Werner in cooperation with Christian Kluge and Dr. Werner brought the idea of WORLD OF INDUSTRIES to life WIN_WIN_2019_02_EN_E-Paper_001 1 08.03.2019 09:59:11 2009-2019: 10 years World of Industries How an idea came to life ... It was a turbulent time for the global economy, triggered by the property bubble in the USA. At this exact time, a German publisher and Deutsche Messe AG dared to launch an international cross-media project on the market. The objective was to report on the latest exciting technological achievements. We spoke to Christian Kluge, Deutsche Messe, and Dr. Michael Werner, the Publishing Manager, about the beginnings and developments of World of Industries. Always on the lookout for exciting technologies: Our editorial teams are attending trade fairs around the world Ideas are often developed at the strangest times, including the idea to develop an international, cross-media project – WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – ten years ago. Werner: It must have been 2011 when I met Christian for the first time at a trade fair stand. At the time, we had already been working on special publications in China for two years. Back then, it was mostly printed editions that we sent by post to readers in companies. The idea that we developed at that trade fair stand was incredibly simple: The publisher produces editorial content all about international trade fairs conducted by Deutsche Messe AG, and Deutsche Messe in turn supports international sales with its international subsidiaries. Kluge: A crucial question was posed by Michael: How would we get our publications to the right readers in China at the PTC and CeMAT Asia trade fairs? It was my idea to send all visitors an electronic copy of the publication. In addition to the printed publications, this gave us the opportunity to considerably increase our reach by including channels in the USA, Turkey, Russia, India, etc – so that’s how everything started. How does a German publisher suddenly start operating at an international level? 10 TH ANNIVERSARY Werner: We looked at it from a customer’s point of view. If the innovations of a German company are being presented at a trade fair in China, the USA, Turkey, Russia, India or anywhere else in the world, we as a publisher must be in a position to be able to report on it. Over the last ten years, the focus has increasingly shifted from printed publications towards the Internet and social media. At the start, you wanted to spread the idea of “Made in Germany” around the world. Nowadays “World of Industries” is a lot more? Werner: Definitely! We started off with exported English publications. Nowadays we are increasingly communicating with com- 6 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2019 5445 ORGAN DES FORSCHUNGSFONDS FLUIDTECHNIK IM VDMA Christine Grotz TITELSTORY Mit Hartmut Rauen auf dem Main Tower 19174 September 2018 2884 pany subsidiaries around the world and are cooperating directly with these locations. Kluge: I personally do not know of a comparable format that offers exhibitors, the publisher and us as a trade fair organizer such a global platform all year round. At the time Deutsche Messe was already internationally active and very successful. Why did it also need such a communication tool? Kluge: Firstly, exhibitors and visitors operate on a global scale and secondly, World of Industries already informs its readers before and during the trade fair about the next events and their topics, markets, and participants. I believe the combination of thematic content and markets is excellent. Communication across borders can often entail hidden challenges. Was that the case? And if so, how did you overcome them? Kluge: Deutsche Messe has the opportunity to collaborate with many excellent partners. Our colleagues in China, the USA, Turkey, etc. do the same job on the ground. The greatest challenge was to clearly illustrate the priorities and opportunities this project had to offer. We have had to be very hands on with this project. Nowadays World of Industries is more than a project, it is a complete platform. How can the readers benefit from this and what can they expect to read? Werner: From an editorial perspective, we always want to strike a balance between specialist information and reporting on trade fairs. Communication usually starts about four weeks before the trade fair via the websites for the publisher and trade fair, via newsletters from both partners and of course by means of activities on the social networks, which have become increasingly important in recent years. The trade fair book is available digitally as an e-paper but a printed version is also available at the exhibition site – provided in English around the world and in Mandarin in China. Which of these particular channels should individuals interested in technology take a look at? Werner: The website is the starting point for all publishing activities. Although social media is becoming increasingly important. From our perspective, LinkedIn in particular is developing very quickly. As a reader, it is of course best to subscribe to one of the newsletters from the trade fair or publisher. That will ensure you definitely do not miss a thing. Readers will especially benefit from the live posts and numerous videos posted by the team at trade fairs around the world. Werner: Definitely. From an editorial perspective we operate in three different stages. Before the trade fair – at the trade fair – after the trade fair. The live feed from the exhibition site is particularly important to us. Although that does not have the same level of success at every location, as it is dependent on the infrastructure. We are relying on moving images, our editors capture exciting topics on site in video interviews, which are then published on the website as well as in the e-paper and in the next printed edition. Kluge: In brief, moving images are more authentic, work better, and provided a clearer overview of the relevant message. Rough edges and corners are even an advantage when it comes to social media and their performance. Over the last ten years, World of Industries has grown into a strong brand that covers topics from automation, motion & drives, and intralogistics. Are these topics that will be suitable for future trade fair concepts? Kluge: Good question, our trade fairs always represent the markets. It is quite possible that topics will disappear and new ones will be added. That applies to us and the editorial staff alike. But that is exactly what makes it exciting. What are your future plans, what can the reader expect? Werner: We are going to develop with the market. From an editorial perspective, World of Industries is currently one of our most interesting projects and the one where we learn the most along the way. That keeps us on our toes and ensures we increase our skills, which turn helps to strengthen our core business in German-speaking Europe. In this regard, I hope we face many new challenges over the coming years. Kluge: If you just take a look at the main topics at the Hanover trade fair, such as artificial intelligence or platform economics and the opportunities and innovations that they have to offer. Add a touch of international cooperation and we can expect to see some exciting projects. One example is the “Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific” event. This is a new format for us and a new platform for exhibitors. This in turn will provide World of Industries with some exciting topics. 09 September 2018 FLUIDTECHNIK FÖRDERTECHNIK MATERIALFLUSS LOGISTIK 4.0 06 Juni 2018 22 I NEUES KLEINTEILE- REGALBEDIENGERÄT VEREINT VIELFÄLTIGES ANFORDERUNGSPROFIL ELEKTRISCHE VENTIL- UND PUMPENANSTEUERUNG 16 I 25 Jahre mechatronische Antriebslösungen für die Hydraulik World of Industries is the best of four “worlds”: fluid power,drive technology, industrial automation and intralogistics 08 I LOUNGE „Hydraulik bietet unzählige Möglichkeiten technischer Innovation“ 22 I GETRIEBE Bequem parametrieren und warten per App 86 I SOFTWARE So effizient lassen sich Stirnräder auslegen 92 I HANNOVER MESSE Diese Neuheiten sollten Sie nicht verpassen 14 I GIPFELTREFFEN „Wir sind gut aufgestellt“ 04 APRIL 2019 Making the supply chain future oriented Organ des Forschungsvereinigung Antriebtechnik e.V. Mit System: All-in-One-Lösung 30 zur industriellen Markierung in cooperation with „Wir bringen digitale Kurze Taktzeiten im Special 22 Intelligenz in Kabellösungen“ 32 Automatisierungsverband 19239 4 – Trends in 46 Robotik und Automation 16 I PRODUKTE UND SYSTEME Roboterpalettierung ermöglicht 100 Prozent mehr Output 34 I MENSCHEN UND MÄRKTE Recht Logistik verdankt Logcoop Großauftrag in der Display-Logistik 38 I PERSPEKTIVEN Beendet die Blockchain die Zettelwirtschaft? The latest, exciting topics are available on the website at WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2019 7