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01 The machine is easy

01 The machine is easy and safe to operate. No platform is required 02 The merchandise remains clearly visible through the smooth film surface. It protects against atmospheric influences and humidity, and ensures an aesthetic appearance on the shop floors 03 The pallets are packaged in short cycle times. The machine covers the products with a highly elastic stretch hood 01 02 03 LOGISTICS and reach the distributor without any damage. This is where the packaging comes into play. Reliable and powerful packaging system The managers were looking for a solution that could meet all these requirements, ensuring fast and reliable operation, high levels of availability, easy maintenance, and a small footprint. They found Beumer Group. The single-source provider for filling, palletizing and packaging technology delivered the Beumer stretch hood A high-capacity packaging system. “The machine is very easy and safe to operate,” describes Volker Feldmeyer, sales engineer at Beumer Group and responsible for the project at Davert. “In order to make work easier for the maintenance personnel, which also means higher levels of availability, the machine does not require any platform.” Maintenance work, such as changing the blades or the sealing bars, is handled at floor level. The operator simply opens a drawer, providing free access. Additional benefits include the compact design and the resulting low height and small footprint. A film transport system, which is particularly gentle on the material, introduces the previously cut and sealed film hood into the system. On its way to the crimping and stretching unit, the sealing seam on the film hood cools down so that it can be crimped without losing time. Energy-consuming cooling units and delayed cooling times become obsolete. This means that the pallets can be packed in a shorter cycle time. Economical engines and a lower demand in compressed air optimize the energy balance. In order to save resources and produce minimum waste, the company opted for this type of film wrapping. The palletized goods are also clearly visible through the smooth surface of the transparent, highly flexible film. The wrapping protects the merchandise against atmospheric influences and humidity, and ensures an aesthetic appearance on the shop floors. “The elastic film also increases the safety during transport considerably,” describes Feldmeyer. At Davert, the Beumer stretch hood A packages the pallets for high-bay storage systems: the pallet base remains unwrapped, so that the forks of the fork-lift truck won’t damage the film. This prevents any remaining film from interfering during the contour check before the pallet is stored in the high-rack system. Easily operated The system supplier has introduced the Beumer Group Human Machine Interface (HMI). This newly-developed operator panel with an optimized user interface and graphical navigation for operating the system offers an even more ergonomic workflow to the user. “The soft-touch panel uses pictograms to guide the user through the menu of the Siemens Simatic S7 machine control,” explains Feldmeyer. “The panel also gives the operator access to all required training programs and content.” “We implemented this project in close cooperation with Beumer Group,” Erwin Tenbrink is happy to report. He is entirely convinced of the great technical cooperation. One important aspect for him is reliable customer support, as even this high-quality machine needs maintenance and service. “If necessary, we send our service personnel to the plant to check the system and perform any required adjustments,” Feldmeyer promises. “This way we can ensure highlevels of availability at any time.” Photographs: Beumer Group 34 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2019

Global industry: past and future In this series, we will ask industry leaders what their thoughts are regarding the past ten years of the global industry and what their prognosis for the upcoming years looks like. We start the series with Jürgen Prochno, CEO of the German branch of The Lee Company, manufacturer of miniature fluid control products. Mr. Prochno, how do you evaluate the development of the global industry markets in the past ten years? The international markets have continued to grow together in recent years and progressed to merge technologically . The low-wage countries of the past are partly developing into the business partners in charge. Unfortunately, this leads to damaging reactions of major market participants, such as the US, who are now trying to foreclose their market more and more to strengthen the domestic economy and / or protect it from external influences. Given the prevailing global network of economic processes, I consider this to be the wrong way. After recovering from the financial crisis, markets are now unnecessarily discouraged from further merging and have to deal with issues such as punitive tariffs and countermeasures. Here, a few lose sight of the right measures and thus complicate the lives of many. What is your forecast for the next ten years? In which direction will the industry and your business move? At the moment, it is extremely difficult to make a serious prognosis for the next 10 or even just 5 years. There are just too many political, technological and environmental challenges and options. One of these challenges may come with the Brexit in a few weeks and no one can estimate the consequences for Europe and the world. You can try to prepare yourself for some scenarios, others you have to let them come to you to find a solution in a timely manner. As a global company, LEE will continue to strive to develop other markets in addition to its core aerospace industry. Even electrification opens up new applications for us. Certainly some classic hydraulic functions will be eliminated and replaced by purely electric ones. But if the hype of electrification has reduced to a reasonable level, it will strike a balance with the established markets. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2019 35

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