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Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe 2019: taking you to the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution Over the last few years, Industry 4.0 has been the buzz word for the entire industrialized world, and Hannover Messe has been it’s the global hotspot. It has been revolutionizing the industrial sector just like the steam engine, mass production and automation did. And the best part is, we are just getting started. NEWS AND MARKETS The foundation for this modern industrial revolution is the continuous exchange of data between production, logistics and all operations, making our factories more intelligent, efficient and sustainable. Few years ago, when the talk of fourth industrial revolution began, the mood around was ecstatic. This led to a rapid but haphazard development of products and solutions. Without completely understanding the opportunities and challenges that Industry 4.0 brings, companies were working on random solutions and missing out on the bigger picture. This is where Hannover Messe comes in. Events like Hannover Messe, provide a broader view of the risks involved and the solutions needed to be developed. Regular visitors at Hannover Messe can surely feel the difference in standard and quality of Industry 4.0 products and technologies from six years ago and today. The level of sophistication and ability to find solutions on more and more complex problems of the industry has also increased. In the beginning, companies were focusing on the low hanging fruits and benefits of Industry 4.0, now with more and more organizations joining hands and sharing knowledge, the industry has started to unravel the real potential of Industry 4.0 technologies. Today, along with large corporations even smaller companies are investing their capital, human and technological resources to move closer to the vision of total digitalization. Just like every year, this year too, industry experts, professionals, manufacturers and end-users from all over the world shall gather on the fair grounds of Hannover Messe from 1 st - 5 th April, 2019. This five day mega-event will see more than 220,000 visitors and 6500 exhibitor companies. With it’s lead theme as ‘Integrated Industry - Industrial Intelligence’, this year the focus will be on integrating artificial intelli- gence and industry 4.0 technologies. Along with digitalization, another important technology that has been picking up speed is artificial intelligence. In a smart factory, where machines, interfaces, and components communicate with one another, large amounts of data is accumulated. This data when analyzed, can optimize processes, find new solutions and make predictions. At Hannover Messe, visitors can understand what artificial intelligence and machine learning can make possible in industrial applications – both now and in the future. Meet your new colleague, ‘the Cobot’ One of the biggest attractions at Hannover Messe has been the rise of Cobots or collaborative robots. Unlike traditional industrial robots, that perform their work in physically isolated units, cobots react to people and not just follow pre-programmed commands. Equipped with sensors, they observe the movements and positions of humans and assist workers directly without exposing the humans to any risk of injury. They are flexible, easy to program and easy to move, weighing just ten kilograms. With “direct guidance,” method, the robot only moves upon receiving direct input from a human, such as by touching the robot arm. This ensures the employee has complete control over the cobot at all times. With the rise of this technology, it has now become possible even for SME’s to invest in robotics and boost their competitiveness, as Cobots are cheaper than actual robots. With Germany being one of the leaders in robotics, it isn’t surprising that here Cobots are in demand as well. At Hannover Messe 2019, visitors can meet and interact with the leading developers of cobots to understand their advantages and limitations, in order to make an informed decision. 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2019

Predictive maintenance: repair before breakdowns In Germany, the topic of predictive maintenance has become increasingly important in recent years, and is inseparable from the themes of Industry 4.0. Today, machine manufacturers are working to equip their machines and industrial systems with sensors that enable remote monitoring, that can measure vibration, temperature or humidity, for example. Specialized maintenance software collects this sensor data, evaluates it and recognizes in advance when a component might be in danger of failing. Defective components that could soon lead to a system shutdown are identified and can be replaced before damage actually occurs. The key advantages of predictive maintenance are cost effectiveness, controlled breakdowns, reduced maintenance and energy costs. Right from the inception stage of this technology, Hannover Messe has been backing it up. At Hannover Messe 2019 as well, you can discover the innovations first hand that are headed towards the market. Digital twin: a clone for your machine Another technology that has been trending in Europe and America is the digital twins, i.e. digital representations of physical machines. Right from the initial design phase through to production even after the sale of the product, the virtual twin stays connected with physical product with sensors that send status data on a constant basis. The incoming data is gathered and compared against the original design and specifications. If a discrepancy is detected, then engineers can work on potential solutions directly on the digital twin - after which the real machine can then be updated to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. In the future, all stakeholders will be networked: suppliers, producers and customers. At Hanover Messe 2019, visitors can look towards building a strong network between machine builders, electrical engineers and IT service providers who can work together on the twin technology. Hannover Messe 2019: Trade Fair line up As the world’s largest and most influential industrial trade fair, Hannover Messe covers the most fundamental industry sectors. With 6 international leading trade fairs at the same time under one roof, it offers an extensive collection of products and technologies. The trade show line up at Hannover Messe includes - Integrated Automation Motion and Drives (IAMD), Digital Factory, Integrated Energy, Industrial Supply, Research Technology and ComVac. The IAMD show is Hannover Messe’s flagship brand and one of the world’s leading show that attracts more than 2000 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors from around the globe. As the global hotspot for Industry 4.0. that covers everything to do with industrial automation, industrial IT, power transmission, and fluid power technology – from mechanical engineering and robotics to process automation. Product category at IAMD includes mechanical power transmission systems and equipment like belt and chain drives, couplings and clutch units, various types of braking systems and accessories for brakes, entire gears units, geared motors and bearings. Electrical equipment that includes, electric switch gears, contactors and relays, electric motors, frequency drives, cables and cabling accessories, electronic and opto-electronic components. The robotics display includes industrial as well as mobile robots including cobots, driverless transport systems, programming and engineering services for robotics. IAMD also has on display products and systems from the fluid power technology like hydraulic pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, gear pumps, hydraulic variable speed drive units, control valves, pipes, hoses and connectors, filters for hydraulic and oil lubrication systems, pneumatic actuator drives, hydraulic and pneumatic sealing devices, products and systems for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. In industrial automation segment, IAMD focuses on control systems like HMI, PLC, Scada, embedded systems and industrial PCs, sensors and actuators, communication network and field bus systems, measuring and test equipment. The Digital Factory is a trade show dedicated for industrial IT solutions and integrated processes. Here visitors can find a full array of solutions for tomorrow’s smart factories – for example, additive manufacturing systems for non-metals, artificial intelligence and machine learning systems, advanced simulation systems, image processing software, industrial cloud services for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, data management software, and the required IT hardware, operating systems for industrial IT, virtual reality systems for industrial applications, software solutions for PLM, ERP, MES, raw materials and production planning etc. Integrated Energy: With increasing industrialization, the global energy consumption is bound increase. Also, the energy generation is set to increase especially in the renewable energy sector. Even today, we can experience the imbalance between energy production, storage and consumption. More than anything else, today the energy sector requires efficient utilization of the energy resources, but also sensibly connecting the energy production and storage system to form an integrated energy system. Smart grids ensure the efficient coordination of production, storage, grid management and consumption so that suppliers can maintain a smooth system. Hannover Messe 2019, features the Energy show, a trade show for integrated energy systems and e-mobility. This show has on display latest technologies in energy generation and distribution systems, heat management for office and production buildings, virtual power plants, load management and energy intelligence software, energy data management and optimization systems, electrical energy conversion and storage systems like transformers, accumulators, chargers, UPS, hydrogen and fuel cells etc. The e-mobility sector is also featured prominently at Hannover Messe with spotlight on electric transport vehicles for goods and passengers, infrastructure solutions for e-mobility like charging stations, cables and replaceable battery systems etc. Photographs: Deutsche Messe AG WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2019 17