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Turkish cement

Turkish cement manufacturer relies on conveying technology from Beumer Group Beumer Group, the company based in Beckum, Germany, provides safe and economical pipe conveyor system to one of Turkey’s leading cement manufacturer Oyak Denizli Çimento Sanayii T.A. . This efficient pipe conveyor system is used for feeding various raw materials for its alternative fuel generation system. The Turkish cement market is booming. From the new international airport in Istanbul, to the motorway between Istanbul and Izmir and many other large infrastructure, urban redevelopment and residential projects; the need for construction material and cement in particular, is immense and is expected to grow continuously in the years to come. Giant cement companies like the Oyak Group will obviously have a large market share in implementing these infrastructure projects. The cement manufacturer, Denizli Çimento Sanayii T.A.Ş., a subsidiary of Oyak Group is located in West Anatolia in the Aegean and is set to benefit the most due to its convenient location to supply the finished product. Cement factory at Denizli Çimento Sanayii LOGISTICS

Alternative fuels instead of primary ones Change your bearing now ... and save up to 40% cost with dry lin ® linear bearings A bag of cement has a lengthy journey behind it before it arrives at the construction site. Between being quarried, processed and packaged as the final product, the material passes through many different stages. At each stage, special systems are in place to ensure the process is smooth, economical and environmentally friendly. All of this means, the process of manufacturing cement is an extremely energy-intensive one. Even with today’s technologies in place, energy costs still account for about 40 % of the total production cost and thus to cement manufacturers energy efficiency becomes a very important factor. For sustainable operations at the cement factory, manufacturers put a particular focus on the cost effectiveness of the process. “Our industry has always been energy-intensive,” says Berkan Fidan, Deputy factory manager at Oyak Denizli Çimento Sanayii. “But it is also a factor that can be adjusted.” In 2015, the company representatives came together and decided to focus on reducing the use of expensive primary fuels such as coal, gas and oil. The aim was to generate a large part of the required energy from alternative sources. Within the scope of this concept, the company therefore decided to invest in an individual AFR (alternative fuels and raw materials) system from the Shock sensitive Dirt-prone Shockproof Dirt resistant Rust-prone Corrosion-free motion? plastics! Plastic instead of metal: Replace re-circulating ball guides and take advantage of the drylin ® dry running technology. Calculate the exchange potential directly online and configure the drylin ® linear bearings solution. Your application with drylin ® can be reliably solved, please also check the factsheet: plastics for longer life ® Tel. +49-2203-9649-145 Tel. +90-262 502 14 08 The terms "igus, drylin, plastics for longer life" are legally protected trademarks in the Federal Republic of Germany and, where applicable, in some foreign countries. Visit us: WIN Eurasia – Hall 5 Booth B 110 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 41 Igus.indd 1 14.02.2018 08:04:34