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Kastas invests around 15

Kastas invests around 15 million Euros in new headquarters MOTION AND DRIVES Kastas Sealing Technologies, manufacturer of sealing elements, officially opened its new headquarters and production facilities in Izmir, Turkey. More than 600 business partners joined the ceremony. The new plant, which has been the most significant investment in the company’s history, will serve as a production base, with sufficient capacity for meeting the future targets of our organization. The new complex is now one of the most modern sealing elements production facilities globally, while also serving as a new home for Kastas, thus signifying its ambitious future strategies. The new building covers a 55,000 m 2 area, allowing all Kastas production units to be finally consolidated under one roof. Within the new building, the company has a new production area with modern infrastructure, space for future capacity increase and new investments. The new warehouse, that covers 4,200 m 2 area, is equipped with latest technology like a full automated warehouse system for efficient logistic operations. The new headquaters building, unifies all administrative, sales, marketing and technical departments, while offering modern office space conducive to a good working atmosphere, with the goal of enhancing creativity and productivity. Moreover, the building offers indoor and outdoor recreational spaces, modern IT structure and various meeting and conferencing facilities. “Parallel to continuous growth that has not abated for decades, several years ago, we took the strategic decision to invest in a new modern building to accommodate our administration and production units.” Our investment plan did not include additional space for new machines and offices only, but also focused on modernizing the entire infrastructure, building technology and equipment, thus ensuring that these key elements would comply with the Kastas strategic targets, namely sustained growth, along with enhanced quality, efficiency, and productivity.” said Haydar Atilgan, Chairman and CEO. Kastas is currently one of the leading producers of sealing elements worldwide. Being a family-owned company, Kastas is increasing its market share in various country markets and business segments. With its large organization of more than 500 employees in 26 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

01 The official opening took place on October 6, 2017 02 Kastas welcomed more than 600 business partners at the ceremony seven locations, Kastas had invested in an European logistic center in Hamburg, Germany in 2014. “Our new facilities will be our home for the next several decades while we realize our strategic targets and our new vision established in 2017, “Being the first-choice sealing technology partner of industries worldwide’’ said Bircan Atilgan. “Our growth strategy consists of many development areas and action plans but mainly it stands on four main pillars. These are innovative products and services, sustainable quality, brand and corporate development.” Kastas already realized important equipment investments at the new plant such as new compounding line, automatic mixing unit, new R&D test center, plenty of compression molding and injection molding machines which provided more than 20 % extra production capacity and efficiency in production processes. With the additional investments which are already planned and ordered for 2018, Kastas increases production capabilities as well as capacity parallel to its growth strategy. 03 Haydar Atılgan, CEO and General Manager, at the speech Pictures: Kastas sealing technologies 04 Tour with guests WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018 27