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Extensive safety

Extensive safety portfolio Safety components shine especially in difficult environments where contamination or dust is expected. Both devices, a transponder coded safety sensor and a transponder coded safety interlock can be connected directly to the Balluff safe I/O module or other safety devices using standardized M12 connectors. With the integrated safe processing electronics and the OSSD output stage they can be used without problem in applications up to PLe and SIL 3. The non-contact, transpondercoded safety sensor BID R03K is the ideal choice for monitoring guard doors and flaps. The non-contact transponder coded safety interlock BID Z01K is ideal for securing and monitoring guard doors and safety flaps to protect persons from potential hazards or prevent interruption of processes. Efficient model of cable entry The completely redesigned cable entry frame is a compact system for fast and easy routing and sealing of pre-terminated cables, hoses and pneumatic lines. Current slit QT grommets are used and the new frame now has an additional cap that is snapped onto the fitted frame. The KEL-Quick range is designed to suit 24 / 16 / 10-pin heavy-duty connectors as well as for cut-outs of 36 x 46 mm. The tool free and extremely easy mounting is carried out by screwing or by snapping into the KEL-Snap frame. Subsequent retrofitting and service work can be carried out conveniently and the guarantee of pre-terminated cables is maintained. The KEL-Quick-E is also available as a single-row version. The new KEL-Quick range is tested for IP54 and UL in addition to numerous other approvals and certificates. PRODUCTS Human-Machine Interfaces offer comfortable machine handling Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its GOT2000 series of Human- Machine Interfaces (HMI) with two new widescreen versions. The ability to display additional visual information gives users of the new GT21 and GT25 widescreen HMIs the opportunity to enhance machine operability and the potential to increase productivity. Other valuable features include two separate Ethernet ports and a built-in sound output interface that can be used for spoken alerts or information. Along with all of the standard functions of the existing GT21 and GT25 range, the new GOT2000 widescreen HMIs offer remote monitoring capabilities with the VNC server function. By remotely connecting to the GOT from a personal computer or tablet, users can monitor and operate production equipment and connect to system devices. Real-time image processing Machine vision is rapidly becoming a key quality enabler for manufacturing machinery. This applies particularly to Industrie 4.0 concepts, quality optimisation and track-andtrace applications. With TwinCAT Vision, Beckhoff has incorporated comprehensive image processing capabilities into its PC-based control system. TwinCAT software unites a comprehensive range of machine functionality – PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT, HMI and now machine vision – all in an end-to-end engineering and control platform. With this level of integration, the software eliminates the need for separate vision solutions, often developed by third parties. The software opens up vast innovation potential in machine building – for instance, through consistent real-time synchronisation with other automation tasks or support of advanced track-and-trace solutions. 24 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 2018

Fieldbus module protect man and machine Nowadays it’s not very difficult to design an automated paint shop. The challenge lies in designing one that meets customer expectations, while at the same time complying with all safety regulations. Recently, the company ADAL Sp. z o.o. was able to successfully meet these needs by using Murrelektronik safety products in a paint shop in South West Poland. Because of the large extent of the installation and the high distribution of safety signals, ADAL decided to use MVK Metal Safety modules for safety I/Os. The types of sensors used in the application was diverse, ranging from limit switches, guard-locks, and light curtains, to e-stop buttons. Murrelektronik’s MVK Metal Safety allows all of the sensors to be easily connected and implemented. Safety outputs are mainly used to stop the drives and cut off air pressure. Keep track of environmental conditions With three new I/O modules in its X20 series, B&R makes control cabinet monitoring easier than ever. All three modules measure temperature and humidity in the control cabinet and log how much time the values spend within defined ranges. This allows critical environmental conditions to be evaluated later on. The modules also log operating hours and power cycles internally. The X20CMR010 and X20CMR111 are also equipped with 512 kB of non-volatile user memory. The memory functions without a battery and is therefore maintenance free. It can be used to store recipes and other data. The data will remain in the system even if the controller needs to be replaced. Your Global Automation Partner Properly Connected! Connectivity Solutions That Fit Benefit from more than 115 000 Turck solutions for your applications in the Connectivity field Make use of our extensive range of cables, junction boxes, field wireables and much more To meet the demands of your application, we will not hesitate to create customer-specific connectivity solutions